Since I returned home from Korea life has been rather hectic.

I have had to live on my mothers couch for about a month now. I was expecting it to be easier than it is. I don’t seem to much like being in the passage way for my mom, and her roommate. In Korea we shared a two room apartment with 5+ people, but somehow I felt I had more privacy there. I am not sure exactly what it is. But somehow living with people your own age is very different.

Since I got back I have been spending a lot of time with my friend Roman. We decided to move in together along with Slava.

I have started free running with Roman and listening to music on the street at night. I like this type of life, but it feels undeserved. I look forward to going back to school and having a regular-ish job so that I can feel good about doing the fun stuff. All fun all the time…you start to forget its fun afterall.

Slava and Roman are really taking to playing Go against each other, perhaps I can raise them up to be somewhat strong.

I quit the Go club, when I got back I felt I wasn’t welcome there. Kazuko went so far as to throw out my file in the filing cabinet. This was surprising for me. I guess putting in 9 months of constant hard work means nothing.