When the New York Go Center closed, I had the feeling that for me, a lot of good things would happen.  As a board of directors, we were not efficient enough to use the inertia of the Go Center “exploding” and have not done much on a big scale.  Though I suppose the meetings that we have in members houses are a lot of fun.  I on the other hand got quite lucky.  In the fallout, I managed to secure 3 groups of students.  Two private groups/lessons and a program in Lycee Francais De New York (LFNY).

This mainly started because two kids that used to frequent the go center when I was manager happened to go to the same school.  I offered to start a club in their school, and surprisingly I was almost instantly approved.  The only condition is that I maintain a club of at least 10 children, which with the help of the original two I was able to do.  Currently I am working on setting up a club ranking system.  So far I am very pleased with the enthusiasm that the kids show for go.  Anyone with an iphone has downloaded Smartgo, and the other kids are begging me to do 2 hour sessions instead of 1.5 hours.  Anyway, as they say on some terrible parts of the net, pics or it didn’t happen!

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