March 16. 2011 Nikon P7000

Sometime last June, around the time that my apartment was being initially staked out by my friends, I was introduced to Bunn the hat maker.  Around this time I quite fancied me some interesting hats, I still do but not as much, so I commisioned an order.  Since then I have always been stopping in to talk to Bunn.

Now Bunn, he is an interesting guy; he is at least as cool as the hats he creates.  Probably cooler considering that the hats can’t make themselves.

Thirty years ago Bunn and a friend were working in a clothing store, and decided that they should try something else.  “He suggested we make hats, and we started hustling” Bunn says.  I guess that 30 years later he is still crafting hats (so is his friend) means that it was a good choice.  Bunn’s business always seems to be in demand, he tells me that he never advertised; he got popular through word of mouth.  He told me that he couldn’t really imagine how he could fail considering that he used the best materials, his workmanship is impeccable, and he makes the hats affordable.  His hats are worn by all sorts of people, from celebrities like LLCoolJ to white guys living in Harlem like me.  I think Bunn is quite a lucky man to “be able to eat by doing what [he] loves doing.”

As sort of a message from Bunn, I want to urge everyone to figure out what they like to do, and do it.  Broaden your horizons, learn be curious there is more to the world than just the neighborhood you live in or even the city or even the country.  Go and seek, and don’t worry about petty things.  I guess lastly do what you do as well as you can.  Though it seems a bit preachy writing it like this, when Bunn says these kinds of things, he says them with such an earnestness that you can’t help but agree and see them.

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