Try to answer some of the following questions. First, describe briefly the kind of science or technology depicted in your show, movie, book, etc. Are these ‘texts’ scientifically accurate? (For example, a movie with time travel may not show real science, but it is inspiredby scientific possibility—that’s what science fiction normally does.) Is the science ‘dumbed down’ (do you think) to be more attractive or acceptable to the audience?

Lets talk about a show called Fringe.  I warn you there will be spoilers.  Fringe is a very interesting show by the director/writer J.J. Abrams.  It is the epitome of the science experiments gone wrong.  The mad scientist, Doctor Bishop, is literarilly a mad scientist.  He is fully equiped with unkept white hair, a lab coat and a certificate of graduation from an insane asylum.

In an attempt to save his son Peter from dying of some sickness, he breaks many of natures laws and crosses into an alternate universe.  I won’t give away the really big spoiler, but his actions lead to both universes begining to break apart at their foundations.  The episodes are often “experiment of the week” in formula however they are always interesting.  Though the science in the show is beyond what we can do right now, it does not seem impossible.  The explanations are not really dumbed down, however whenever Dr. Bishop goes into in depth explanations of what he is doing, one of the characters often cuts him off.

The science in the show does not get in the way of the humanism.  Though it is definetly a sci-fi show, it is the human aspect, the thin borders between right and wrong, good and evil.

The science that is portrayed in Fringe is very fantastical, yet the realism with which it is portrayed makes one worried that it might be actualized.  Though most of the things, flight, telepathy etc. are very exciting to think about, the negative consequences that are portrayed in the show make them scary as well.  Almost every episode something goes wrong.  The general moral one can take from the show is don’t fuck with the natural laws of the universe, or you will explode in one way or another.