Robots are tools that humans use to do things that they themselves don’t want to, or can’t do.  There are amazing applications for robots in all sorts of fields.  One of the videos we saw in our LIB 200 class was about a bionic arm.   Though it is not quite what we see in science fiction movies, it is still a much more liberating prosthetic limb then a wooden arm.  It is pretty cool to think that even losing an arm doesn’t really slow us down too much anymore.   Maybe in the future the “prosthetic” arms will be better and more useful than our current flesh and bones arms, maybe people in the future will voluntarily swap out one arm for a prosthetic…Probably not though.

The things that scare me from the videos are “humanoid” robots.  There are few things that I find odd about them.  A) Why do we think that the “human body” is the most efficient shape for a robot?  B) What is the purpose of these robots?  C) Why do we need to program emotions?  It seems that these robots who turn on us in sci-fi movies have no business existing.  They don’t seem to serve a real purpose.  They should be tools, not artificial humans.  If we try to make artificial humans who think and feel imagine how depressed they would be.  They would know that they are man made, there “souls” are digital and would simply vanish should they cease to exist.   The robots would not have any delusions about an afterlife (not to say that humans are delusional, just that though religions might be right or wrong, robots won’t even have that comfort).  I agree that studying artificial intelligence is a very interesting field, but we can avoid any dystopic and post-apocalyptic futures if we keep robots as tools, and let humans do the thinking.