Einstein once said that “Though everybody knows me, there are very few people who really know me” )  This is true on many levels, until recently few people knew of his family life and more importantly few people knew about Einstein’s work outside of the realm of physics.  Though Einstein is most widely known a genius physicist with mad scientist hairstyle, he, especially later in his life, put a great emphasis on the humanities; Albert Einstein was a political activist, and philosopher, in addition to being a great scientist.  Even in his actions, not just his physics, Einstein was revolutionary.  Einstein began to bridge the gap between “The Two Cultures” even before it was clearly defined.

As a family man Einstein was not as successful as in other areas in his life.  He gave up his first daughter for adoption.  As he got more into his work he began to neglect both his wife, to whom he would initially write beautiful elaborate love letters, and his children.  He would eventually leave his wife to marry his cousin.  Most of his remaining relatives lived their lives with the curse of the Einstein name.  They would be expected to match Albert’s greatness.  Though they were successful in their own right, the only thing that most of his relatives inherited was his bad health.