For my research paper, I chose to write about how the Famous physicist Albert Einstein bridges the gap between the Sciences and the Humanities.  Though he mostly known for his famous equation e=mc^2, he was also an outspoken political and human rights activist.  He also had very strong views on proper education.

The source that helped me the most with my paper was a book compiled of various articles and papers that Einstein wrote.  I found the book while looking through my room-mates library and after reading the back-cover I was instantly interested.  I actually started reading the book before I even decided to write my research paper about Einstein.  Some of the most interesting parts of the book for me were Albert’s musings on education.  He said “It is not enough to teach man a specialty.  Through it he may become a machine, but not a harmoniously developed personality.”  I completely agree with his idea in this sense.  It is very surprising that what Einstein considered to be needed in education is what many schools try to do today with their liberal arts programs.  Though Einstein does warn about just teaching superficially, which is a warning I don’t think many schools heed.

Another very useful source for me was an Essay written by Dudely Herschbach of Harvard University.  I found the source through a citation on Wikipedia’s page about Albert Einstein.  This source was very useful because it focused more on who Albert was as a young person, and his various relationships, unembellished,  through out his life.  Most of the other biographies I found online only focused on him as a scientist.