Pretty much all of the topics that we had to chose from for our research paper are interesting. The ones that interest me the most are Technology: Promise and Peril, and the close reading of Einstein’s Dreams.

Whenever a new technology, or anything new for that matter, is discovered or created there are always going to be negative and positive side effects. Recently I have been thinking a lot about the effects that Social media has had on us. Though communication and keeping in touch with friends has become a lot easier, on the other hand we have lost a lot of our privacy. Facebook, for example, syncs all of your iphone contacts with the internet if you are not careful. So someone can reveal your personal information inadvertantly, and make something like your phone number public.

Twitter is a great way to share interesting article and information on the web, in short efficient “tweets” but on the other hand there many studies being done that are showing a negative correlation with how tweeting affects our attention spans and even relationships.
I read Einstein’s dreams about a year ago, and I thought it to be a very itneresting book. It really makes you consider how life would be very different if just one thing changed. I thought that each one of the chapters could easily be expanded into an interesting science fiction/fantasy book. I even started writing a short love story based on that. The story was going to be about a young couple who want to spend eternity together. They discover that time moves slower the closer you get to earth’s core and set out to freeze them selves in time in a eternal embrace.

Though both topics are interesting, I will probably go with the first one. It is a more current “real” issue, and I already explore fantasy quite a bit on my own time.